Gain firsthand multicultural business experience across three continents in the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management program.

Immerse yourself in an unmatched global business experience that takes you to Barcelona, Taipei and San Francisco to study entrepreneurship and management through the lens of each city’s unique business culture.  

The joint Master of Global Entrepreneurial Management (jMGEM) program is for recent college graduates in various academic disciplines. With general knowledge of business administration, students are given opportunities to study and observe global and cross-cultural aspects of business decisions and to focus on the process of bringing new innovation, technology and new business ideas to fruition.

The program offers courses that are practitioner-oriented and in a sequence that maximizes the benefit of off-campus resources in Barcelona, Taipei, and the San Francisco Bay Area.


September – August: 12 months full-time

  • First term (September-December) in the IQS (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Second term (January-April) in Fu Jen University (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Third term (May-August) in the University of San Francisco (USA)

Program Highlights:

  • 1 year, 3 continents: Spend four months in each participating city and graduate in one year
  • Earn your Masters Degree from 3 world-class AACSB Accredited Business Schools: USF’s San Francisco Campus, in conjunction with IQS (Barcelona) and Fu Jen Catholic University (Taipei)
  • Courses are taught in English
  • Visit start-up companies, research centers, venture investors as well as global corporations, in Europe, Asia, and North America
  • Work with the program’s business partners to solve real-life problems.
  • Network with international entrepreneurs
  • Optional Spanish Language courses in Barcelona and Chinese Mandarin in Taipei

Traveling Itinerary:

Three entrepreneurial hubs in three key regions (North America, Asia, and Europe)

Barcelona –

  • Strategically located in Catalonia, Barcelona is a true gem of the Mediterranean. Connecting Spain with the rest of Europe, Barcelona has become a hub of entrepreneurial activity and creativity. With its welcoming attitude, Barcelona has become a favorite location for students looking to gain experience in the European Union.

Taiwan –

  • With a population of 6 million people, Taipei is an international city full of superb restaurants, modern hotels, ancient temples, churches, and an active nightlife. With a strategic location in East Asia, Taiwan is an ideal place for students looking to learn how to do business with China.

San Francisco –

  • The start-up capital of the United States, San Francisco is a favorite destination for students looking to gain experience in technology and innovative industries. With Silicon Valley (and all of its startups) just around the corner, the University of San Francisco is strategically located at the heart of this entrepreneurial center.



Companies MGEM students have visited in previous years, plus companies that are collaborating with us in the Consultancy Projects carried out in the first stage in Barcelona, and those who are giving the internships while in San Francisco:

Spain – IQS School of Management:
  • SEAT, l’Olivera, Ultramagic Balloons, CITEL, DESIGUAL, Semillas Fitó, INFUN, AQUALOGY (AGBAR), Angelini, Cobega, Miquel Y Costas, Monocrom, Cederroth, Tecalum, Damm, Carburos Metálicos, Bodegas Torres, MANGO, TOUS, ROCA Sanitarios, MAZEL Ingeniería, Barcelona Activa, Parc Científic de Barcelona, CIRSA.
USA – University of San Francisco:
  • Internships: Monster Cable, Learn it!, Optimum Tempus, Global Heart Network, Fullosophie, Kiva, Sony, Sol Republic.
  • Company visits: Google, Facebook, Monster Cable, Apple.
Taiwan – FU JEN University:
  • Epoch Foundation, TSMC, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited ITRI, Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, R.O.C Hsinchu Science Park Mercedes-Benz, Protek, Pink Mary (clothing industry), Shanghai Jiao Tong, University Shanghai, Futures Exchange.

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