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We travel because: Embracing our differences helps us better understand the world, the social issues that affect us all, and the opportunities to collaborate and find solutions. A global education highlights the commonalities we share and how working together can benefit the entire world.

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Since 2011, we’ve been crafting transformative study abroad programs that do more than travel. Our approach immerses students in local cultures, enriches their academic journey, and fosters personal growth, preparing them for success in a globalized world.

Empowering Students through Global Education

Immerse in diverse cultures, gain new perspectives, and boost your employability. Our study abroad programs are open to all majors

Study Abroad: Learning Beyond Boundaries

Welcome to Summit Global Education! We offer an enriching experience to university students through our study abroad programs, centered around a deep exploration of international cultures. A crucial aspect of our curriculum is immersing students not only in diverse global places, but also in varied life experiences that contribute significantly to personal and academic growth.

Students have the unique opportunity to interact with local communities, understanding their traditions, lifestyles, and perspectives. This fosters cultural competency, broadens their worldview, and develops essential interpersonal skills. In addition, navigating new environments fosters self-reliance and problem-solving abilities, while learning in a different educational system enhances adaptability and critical thinking skills.

This immersive experience complements classroom learning, providing practical insights that are invaluable in our increasingly interconnected world. By bridging the gap between academic knowledge and real-world experience, our program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of global citizenship and prepares them to thrive in diverse settings. Summit Global Education is committed to helping students reap the profound personal and academic benefits of studying abroad.

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Study Abroad Programs

Open to students from any university, any major
Study Abroad
About Summit Global Education:

Launched in 2011, we are committed to creating a global classroom for students across all disciplines. Our diverse range of study abroad programs encompasses faculty-led short-term trips, immersive experiences in various countries, and opportunities to engage in meaningful international projects and research. Our distinctive approach emphasizes personal growth, cultural understanding, and academic enrichment. No matter your major, we provide a transformative journey that broadens your perspectives, fosters adaptability, enhances critical thinking skills, and prepares you to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.


How our programs work:  Collaborating closely with international universities for academic accreditation, we thoughtfully design study abroad experiences that foster global understanding and personal growth. Tailored to meet the diverse interests and aspirations of students, our offerings emphasize the enriching benefits of cultural immersion, adaptability, and critical thinking. Each program is led by experienced professors and open to students from any university, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging global learning journey, irrespective of the home institution.


Our mission

Summit Global Education is devoted to enriching lives through international education. Our mission is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about sparking a love for travel, fostering cross-cultural experiences, and nurturing a spirit of innovation across borders. We're driven to provide students with the opportunity to broaden their horizons and grow both personally and academically through our carefully curated international programs.

Our team of experienced advisors is dedicated to providing support every step of the way, from choosing the right program to preparing for your journey and reintegrating upon your return.

Our background

Since our inception in 2011, Summit Global Education has been dedicated to delivering transformative study abroad experiences that go beyond traditional classroom learning. Our programs are situated in some of the world's most dynamic and culturally-rich locations — from the vibrant streets of Brazil's Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to the historic boulevards of Europe's Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.

Our seasoned, multinational team of university professors lead our programs, providing a rich academic context while encouraging cultural immersion and personal growth. We believe in exposing students to real-world experiences and diverse perspectives to enhance their understanding of global issues and strengthen their intercultural communication skills.

Conducted in English, our classes ensure a seamless learning experience for international students. At Summit Global Education, we strive to create an immersive, meaningful experience that provides a stepping stone to personal development, academic enrichment, and a globally-minded future.

What we value

At Summit Global Education, we value cultural tolerance, global adventures, and unique experiences. As international educators, we are dedicated to helping students develop global awareness and a sense of internationalization. We believe that these qualities are essential for success in today's interconnected world.

We believe that study abroad has the power to transform lives and broaden horizons, and we are committed to helping students make the most of their study abroad experience.

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As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the ability to navigate different cultures and societies becomes increasingly important. Studying abroad and living with international students can help you develop the skills and perspective you need to succeed as a global citizen in today’s world.

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