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Understanding how we are all different unites us in our understanding of the world, of social problems that cross borders, and of opportunities to share insights and solutions. A global education shows us how much more we all have in common, and how when we work together the whole world benefits.

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Study Abroad

Open to students from any university, any major
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Study Abroad with Summit Global Education

We offer diverse program offerings for all majors, including short-term faculty-led programs, immersive traveling programs, and opportunities to do international research.


How our programs work:  In partnership with foreign universities (for academic credits), we organize study abroad programs, courses and experiences.  Our professor-led study abroad programs are open to students from any university.

Our Background

Founded in 2011, Summit Global Education has previously run study abroad programs in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo), and in Europe (Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest).

On each of our programs, we have partnership agreements with local universities to issue academic credits, for which we hire professors, design courses, and organize visits to companies and professional organizations.

What we value

Cultural tolerance, adventure, experience.  We are international educators impassioned to develop global awareness & internationalization of students. 

Our mission

We are passionate about international education.  Our mission is to help students to better understand the world, and also to develop a passion for travel, international adventures, and for cross-cultural experiences.

In our increasingly global world, living, learning, and studying with international students—and studying abroad in a culture different from your own—prepares you to become a global citizen.

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