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Understanding how we are all different unites us in our understanding of the world, of social problems that cross borders, and of opportunities to share insights and solutions. A global education shows us how much more we all have in common, and how when we work together the whole world benefits.

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Study Abroad

Open to students from any university, any major
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Study Abroad with Summit Global Education

We offer diverse program offerings for all majors, including short-term faculty-led programs, immersive traveling programs, and opportunities to do international research.


How our programs work:  In partnership with foreign universities (for academic credits), we organize study abroad programs, courses and experiences.  Our professor-led study abroad programs are open to students from any university.

Our Background

Founded in 2011, Summit Global Education has previously run study abroad programs in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo), and in Europe (Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest).

On each of our programs, we have partnership agreements with local universities to issue academic credits, for which we hire professors, design courses, and organize visits to companies and professional organizations.

What we value

Cultural tolerance, adventure, experience.  We are international educators impassioned to develop global awareness & internationalization of students. 

Our mission

We are passionate about international education.  Our mission is to help students to better understand the world, and also to develop a passion for travel, international adventures, and for cross-cultural experiences.

In our increasingly global world, living, learning, and studying with international students—and studying abroad in a culture different from your own—prepares you to become a global citizen.

What is different about Summit Global Education programs?

Unique Program Design


We specialize in multi-location traveling programs, where we integrate real-world experience back into the classroom.  During our programs, students will have the opportunity to experience first-hand what it is to live and work in a foreign country (or countries), and then these experiences will be integrated back into the courses during daily debrief sessions with professors

We use our unique course design to help capture students real-world experiences while abroad, and to integrate those experiences into our lessons using interactive technology, allowing professors to comment and offer feedback, creating valuable educational commentary based on real-world experiences.

Multi-Location Programs:


CORE ACADEMIC – part of our program:

During 2- 3 weeks of the program, students will complete the core part of the academics of each course.  Their time will be spent in class on campus of our academic partner, or in professional visits to companies and organizations.


ACADEMIC TRAVEL – part of our program:

During 1-2 weeks of our program, students will be invited to travel with professors and course facilitators to explore different areas of the country or region.  Their time will be spent with cultural and professional visits, and students will have daily “debrief” sessions conducted by professors.  During these daily debriefs, all students will discuss their experiences, opinions, prejudices, and more.  Professors will have an opportunity to guide students perceptions and influence their opinions.

Professional Visits to Companies:

At Summit Global Education, the educational experience is enhanced by the professional and cultural visits within the countries we visit. During our upcoming study abroad programs, students will have the unique opportunity to learn through professional & cultural visits to some amazing companies and organizations.

  • Long-term strategic partnerships with excellent universities:  We are building long-term partnerships with excellent universities globally.  Rather than just organizing a one-time event, we are instead building long-term partnerships in strategic locations where we can host our Summit programs every Summer and Winter into the future.
  • Multi-cultural student body:   We bring together students from various top universities globally.   For example, in the past we have had students from the USA from the University of Texas, Michigan, Florida, Syracuse, Wisconsin, and more.  We combine these American students with cohorts of students ranging from India, Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia, and beyond.  Our groups are multi-cultural, and range from a variety of diverse backgrounds.
  • We travel with students:   Rather than just sending students abroad, we actually travel with the students.  For example, in our upcoming program in Brazil, we will be traveling across Brazil with students and professors, thus allowing students to get a broad overview of Brazil, as seen from various perspectives, and allowing them to dive deep into the local culture.
  • We bring professors from abroad:  Our international professors teach alongside professors from our host universities.
  • Professors invited to travel with us: Both our local and our international professors are invited to travel with us during our upcoming programs, with accommodations and travel expenses covered by Summit Global Education.
  • We help design the courses:     In close cooperation with our professors and universities, we organize course content, carefully planning assignments, discussion topic, group projects and professional visits.
  • We integrate real-world experiences into the classroom:  Using our unique course and program design, we offer a unique teaching model blending classroom lessons with real-world activities.

Traveling Itinerary

On our educational journeys, students take classes on campus and onsite at some the most culturally interesting locations in the world.  In Europe, students will travel with professors across Europe visiting:  Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest


Cultural Excursions

On our educational journeys, we combine real-world experience with in-class theoretical teaching.  Participants of Summit programs will have the  opportunity to travel to some of the most amazing locations, and will study courses which incorporate travel into the learning model, incorporating deep interaction with the real world into the classroom setting

Credit Transfer

Courses are designed in order to facilitate the acceptance of credits by U.S. based and international universities.  Students that successfully complete our courses should be able to transfer academic credits from our host university.


Professional Visits

At Summit Global Education, the educational experience is enhanced by the professional and cultural visits within the countries we visit.  During our upcoming study abroad programs, students will have the unique opportunity to learn through professional & cultural visits to some amazing companies and organizations.

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