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About Summit Global Education:

Since 2011, Summit Global Education has been active in teaching students about the world.  In partnership with excellent universities, we have organized study abroad programs, courses and international experiences for students.

Our professor-led study abroad programs are open to students from any university.

We are passionate about international education.  Our mission is to help students not only to better understand the world, but also to want to develop a lifetime of personal development in their global education.

Our Background

Founded in 2011, Summit Global Education has previously operated educational study programs in Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Rio de Janeiro and in Sao Paulo.  We have partnership agreements with local universities to issue academic credits for our programs, for which we hire professors, design course syllabi, and organize professional visits to companies and organizations.  

What we value

Cultural tolerance, adventure, experience.  We are international educators impassioned to develop global awareness & internationalization of students. 

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