Host a Summit Global Education Program

Join our network of prestigious universities hosting transformative, multi-location study abroad programs that cultivate global leaders

We are looking for forward-thinking universities to host our upcoming programs.  If your institution is interested in joining a vibrant network that brings together students from across the globe, we’d love to hear from you. Hosting a Summit program is a unique opportunity to enrich your campus with diverse perspectives and collaborative learning experiences. Please contact us for more information on how we can work together to create an unforgettable educational journey.

What is different about the study abroad programs from Summit Global Education?

  • Long-term strategic partnerships with excellent universities:  We are building long-term partnerships with excellent universities globally.  Rather than just organizing a one-time event, we are instead building long-term partnerships in strategic locations where we can host our Summit programs every Summer and Winter into the future.
  • Multi-cultural student body:  We bring together students from various top universities globally.   For example, in the past we have had students from the USA from the University of Texas, Michigan, Florida, Syracuse, Wisconsin, and more.  We combine these American students with cohorts of students ranging from India, Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia, and beyond.  Our groups are multi-cultural, and range from a variety of diverse backgrounds.
  • We travel with students:   Rather than just sending students abroad, we actually travel with the students.  For example, in our upcoming program in Brazil, we will be traveling across Brazil with students and professors, thus allowing students to get a broad overview of Brazil, as seen from various perspectives, and allowing them to dive deep into the local culture.
  • We bring professors from abroad:  Our international professors teach alongside professors from our host universities.
  • Professors invited to travel with us: Both our local and our international professors are invited to travel with us during our upcoming programs, with accommodations and travel expenses covered by Summit Global Education.
  • We help design the courses:  In close cooperation with our professors and universities, we organize course content, carefully planning assignments, discussion topics, group projects and professional visits.
  • We integrate real-world experiences into the classroom:  Using our unique course and program design, we offer a unique teaching model blending classroom lessons with real-world activities.

Unique Program Design


Our study abroad programs are designed to be multi-location traveling experiences that integrate real-world experiences into the classroom. During our programs, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures and societies, visiting multiple cities within a single program. They’ll participate in daily debrief sessions with professors, using interactive technology to share their experiences and receive feedback.

Our unique course design captures students’ real-world experiences and integrates them into our business-focused lessons, helping to enrich the learning experience and give students a more meaningful, authentic understanding of the global business environment. This can have significant benefits for a student’s career, as employers increasingly value candidates with global perspective and cross-cultural communication skills


Multi-Location Programs:

Our study abroad programs are designed to be multi-location experiences that combine core academics with academic travel. During the first 2-3 weeks of the program, students will complete the core part of the academics on campus at our academic partner or during professional visits to companies and organizations.

The remainder of the program is dedicated to academic travel, where students will have the opportunity to participate in cultural and professional visits to different areas of the country or region. They’ll travel with professors and course facilitators, engaging in daily “debrief” sessions where they can discuss their experiences, opinions, prejudices, and more. Professors will have an opportunity to guide students’ perceptions and influence their opinions, helping to enrich the learning experience and give students a more meaningful, authentic understanding of the culture and society they are studying.

Professional visits to companies and organizations:

Our study abroad programs enhance the educational experience through professional and cultural visits to companies and organizations. These visits allow students to learn about business practices in different cultural contexts and gain valuable insights into the global business environment. They also provide networking opportunities and help students build skills that are highly valued by employers, such as global perspective and cross-cultural communication.

What else is unique about the Summit study abroad programs?

Traveling Itinerary

On our educational journeys, students take classes on campus and onsite at some the most culturally interesting locations in the world.  In Europe, students will travel with professors across Europe visiting:  Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest


Cultural Excursions

Cultural immersion is crucial for a successful study abroad experience. Our programs are designed to provide a blend of real-world experience and in-class learning, and take place in various locations around the world. By incorporating travel into the curriculum, we strive to give students the opportunity for a deeper understanding and engagement with different cultures.

Credit Transfer

Courses are designed in order to facilitate the acceptance of credits by U.S. based and international universities.  Students that successfully complete our courses should be able to transfer academic credits from our host university.


Professional Visits

At Summit Global Education, we believe that the educational experience is enhanced by professional and cultural visits to companies and organizations. These visits, which are a key part of our study abroad programs, provide students with unique opportunities to learn about business practices in different cultural contexts. They also help students build valuable skills that are highly valued by employers

Previous Programs:

University Partners:

On our Summit Study Study Abroad programs, students have the opportunity to study at some of the best universities in Europe and in Latin America.  For example, in 2015 our courses were held in the following locations: