About Summit Global Education:

We offer study abroad programs, along with online courses and resources for students interested in International Education. 

Our study abroad programs are organized in partnership with excellent universities, both in the USA and abroad.

Mission-driven:  We are passionate about international education.  Our mission is to help students not only to better understand the world, but also to want to develop a lifetime of personal development in their global education.

Our Background

Founded in 2011, Summit Global Education has previously operated educational study programs in Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Rio de Janeiro and in Sao Paulo.  We have partnership agreements with local universities to issue academic credits for our programs, for which we hire professors, design course syllabi, and organize professional visits to companies and organizations.  

What we value

Cultural tolerance, adventure, experience.  We are international educators impassioned to develop global awareness & internationalization of students. 

Since 2011, Summit Global Education has been on a mission to create global citizens, and to expand the world view of our students.

Founder, Summit Global Education


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A global citizen, Brian was born in Canada, raised in Switzerland (where he attended international schools), educated in the U.S., started his career with a Japanese company, moved to New York to work as an analyst, married a Brazilian, and has traveled extensively in Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America.  Connect: LinkedIn.com/in/briandbutler



All of our classes are taught in English by a team of experienced and multinational university professors.

University Partners:

On our Summit Study Study Abroad programs, students have the opportunity to study at some of the best universities in Europe and in Latin America.  For example, in 2015 our courses were held in the following locations:

How our programs work:

Each year, we hold our Global Summit events in different cities and in different regions.   In the past, we have held our programs in Europe (Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest), and in Brazil (Rio and Sao Paulo)

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About our unique Summit logo:

Our logo really shows and represents everything that Summit Global Education stands for:  It goes everywhere, it mingles with the city, it towers above everything but partly hides behind churches and monuments. It crosses rivers and reflects in the waters.  The ups and downs of it’s form represents the journey that our students go through in a deeply immersive cultural experience.

You arrive in a foreign place, everything is new and interesting, you are in a high, close to the clouds. But then you start missing the foods you are familiar with, the ease of communication, the ways of your people, and you start to go down…but then you learn to inquire, to understand, and to appreciate other perspectives, and back up you go.

All of those experiences are gently overseen and protected by a team of incredibly internationally minded professors and Summit staff who love everything diverse. And after these experiences, how can you come back to walk on the plains again, when climbing on Summits and striding on valleys is so much more enriching?

Learning to appreciate the particularities and idiosyncrasies of the different people and cultures is the framework of future compassionate and tolerant leaders, that will change this world to a better place. This is our passion. Come join us!

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