Shared, Collaborative Library of Global Education Resources for innovative students

Empowering educators and learners with a treasure trove of shared educational materials

Summit Global Education continues its mission of fostering global academic collaboration through this innovative platform.  FoundryBase embodies our dedication to enriching learning experiences by bridging geographical and institutional boundaries, offering a reliable and professionally curated repository of global education resources. Our initiative with FoundryBase highlights Summit’s drive for academic excellence, underpinned by a spirit of global community and collaborative learning.

About our shared library of resources:

We are developing a free online platform to facilitate academic collaboration through a comprehensive library of global education resources.  Founded by Summit Global Education, it serves as an extension to our commitment towards enriched learning experiences.

This is an open collaborative platform designed to enrich the global academic community. It’s core mission is to facilitate a broader exchange of knowledge and resources among educators and learners worldwide, irrespective of their institutional affiliations. By contributing to and engaging with FoundryBase, university partners not only enhance their own curriculum but also play a pivotal role in fostering a globally interconnected educational landscape.

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Benefits to University Partners: Enhance your curriculum with diverse educational materials and foster a collaborative academic community among students and faculty, both locally and internationally.


  • Free:  The library at FoundryBase is entirely free to use. You can log in and view all publicly-shared content without any charge.
  • Resource Library: Explore a curated collection of academic resources.
  • Collaborative Platform: Engage in enriching discussions, share insights, and collaborate on academic projects.
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