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Summit Global Education has been helping students study abroad since 2011. Our programs have taken place in a variety of exciting locations, including Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo. We work with top universities abroad to provide students with immersive, real-world experiences in and out of the classroom. Our goal is to help students gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and ways of life, and to develop a love for international education and travel.

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Academic Credits issued by University Partners in Host Country

Our Brazil programs are hosted and organized by ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing). To participate, students will need to apply and be officially enrolled in ESPM. At the end of the program, students will receive grades and official transcripts directly from ESPM. These documents will reflect the knowledge and skills they have gained during their time in Brazil.

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Engaging Classes

At Summit Global Education, we believe that learning should be dynamic, interactive, and engaging. Our courses are designed to be thought-provoking and enjoyable, and we encourage students to come with an open mind and a desire for cultural experiences. All of our courses are taught by a diverse faculty of professors while traveling or on campus, and we expect students to be fully engaged in their studies. Whether you are exploring a new country or discussing a topic in the classroom, we want you to have an unforgettable and meaningful learning experience.

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Professional Visits

In addition to traditional classroom learning, Summit Global Education offers unique opportunities for students to learn through professional and cultural visits to leading and innovative organizations. During our study abroad programs, students will have the chance to visit a variety of interesting companies and organizations and gain valuable insights into different professional and cultural environments. These visits are designed to enhance the overall educational experience and provide students with a more well-rounded understanding of the countries they are visiting.

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In today's globalized environment, it's more important than ever to be able to think creatively and adapt to different cultural contexts. Studying abroad and living with international students can give you a competitive edge by helping you develop the skills and perspective you need to innovate and succeed in the global marketplace. By immersing yourself in a culture different from your own, you'll gain valuable insights and experiences that will help you thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced business world.

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