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Summit Global Education: Summer Study Abroad Programs focused on International Business

Explore Summit Global Education’s traveling study abroad programs designed to inspire and develop future leaders with a global perspective.

Our previous programs have taken place in a variety of exciting locations, including Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo.

We work with top universities abroad to provide students with immersive, real-world experiences in and out of the classroom. Our goal is to help students gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and ways of life, and to develop a love for international education and travel.

Academic Credits for Courses from Prestigious Universities Abroad

Students can earn up to 6 academic credits while studying abroad with Summit Global Education. To help make the credit transfer easy, we have partnered with prestigious and accredited universities abroad.  Upon completion of the program, students will receive transcripts from the international university, mailed directly back to their home university. Our team of advisors is here to help, and will work directly with your academic and study abroad advisors at your home university.

Engaging Courses taught by talented and diverse faculty of experienced university professors from around the world

At Summit Global Education, we believe that learning should be dynamic, interactive, and engaging. Our courses are designed to be thought-provoking and enjoyable, and we encourage students to come with an open mind and a desire for cultural experiences. All of our courses are taught by a diverse faculty of professors while traveling or on campus, and we expect students to be fully engaged in their studies. Whether you are exploring a new country or discussing a topic in the classroom, we want you to have an unforgettable and meaningful learning experience.

Professional and Cultural Visits

In addition to traditional classroom learning, Summit Global Education offers unique opportunities for students to learn through professional and cultural visits to leading and innovative organizations. During our study abroad programs, students will have the chance to visit a variety of interesting companies and organizations and gain valuable insights into different professional and cultural environments. These visits are designed to enhance the overall educational experience and provide students with a more well-rounded understanding of the countries they are visiting.

Studying abroad sharpens your business acumen, fostering innovation through varied experiences. This educational adventure builds a professional skill set, ingrains cross-cultural competencies, and cultivates an innovative mindset, essential for thriving in global business.

“There is no doubt that I would recommend the Summit Program. I thought the flow of the program as perfect, not too overwhelming but always something to do. It’s important to find that balance in a study abroad program and I think Summit has managed to do so. I truly believe this is one of the best programs out there. Thanks again!”

William Croghan, Miami University

“I would recommend this program to other students. I really liked the structure and how well we were able to view and capture all aspects of the country of Brazil. Something that surprised me were how nice Brazilians were. Everyone was really patient and willing to go the extra mile for us. These past three weeks have been amazing!”

Kelly Marin, Seton Hall University

“I would 100% recommend this program to other Iowa students. I have learned so much about Brazil and will carry that with me for the rest of my life. Brian and Leo, my professors, are nothing but professional in the classroom and make for a great learning atmosphere. Outside of the classroom, they are fun and friendly; The perfect mix!”

Ryan Burton, University of Iowa

University Partners:

On our Summit Study Study Abroad programs, students have the opportunity to study at some of the best universities in Europe and in Latin America.  For example, in 2015 our courses were held in the following locations:

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